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Having taught himself to direct, edit and color correct, Ruslan also creates all of his own visual effects. This young talent’s creativity is as sophisticated as many of his more established peers.

Raised in the Ukraine, and armed with a camera and a unique vision, Ruslan created some of his initial pieces of work within the European Fashion and Music Video community.

Inspired by New York’s distinct energy, Ruslan brings his unique vision and sublime perspective to upscale fashion work in the US. To see his work is to be dumbfounded by beauty, style, attitude and freshness. He now lives in Manhattan with his wife, Production Designer, Yulia.

His spots for designers Abercrombie and Fitch, Qasim Zhariya and Izeta show the diversity of his couture sensibilities and take the viewer on visual journeys that also define distinctive brand identities for his clientele.

Ruslan is able to work on a variety of budget levels while delivering incredible attention to detail. Everything he touches turns to gold.

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th_RP_MimiPlangeOnFleek   Valentina Kova "Winter"   th_RP_QasimZahriya   Mr. & NIKEth_RP_CinematicObsession   th_RP_MimiPlangeColorShift   th_RP_MercerSt   th_RP_MassiveAttack   th_rp_dirtyworld