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Sabrina Palladino


To Sabrina, every product has a story to tell. Finding that story, interpreting it and bringing it across in her photography and live action is what she does best.

When she is not directing spots, Palladino keeps busy with her own creative projects. She is currently writing a graphic novel about climate change, “Greenwood”, and is producing and directing a documentary about her father, graphic artist Tony Palladino. She loves directing for live theater, Verdi’s Nabucco being her most recent for Montclair Opera.

Sabrina’s own unique graphic artist’s sensibilities featuring street art is represented on her amazing Instagram feed.

PETA "Last Longer"   th_SP_PeanutChews2   PETA "Don't Be THAT Guy"   Jack In The Box - Food Montage 1Greenwood, A Graphic Novel - Griff   Greenwood, A Graphic Novel - Frankie   Greenwood, A Graphic Novel - Octavio   Greenwood, A Graphic Novel - Will   exfromhell   outraged   sexaddict4a   wingman