The Artists Company

Gregory Maya


Gregory Maya leapt to the national advertising spotlight with his first directing assignment, an emotional campaign for The Fresh Air Fund featuring their remarkable summer camp program for disadvantaged New York City children. The spot won top honors at the annual AICP MOMA show and revealed the hallmarks of what was to become Maya’s recognizable style.

His work is distinguished by insightful casting, meticulous art direction and a gift for drawing empathetic human portraits and performances, which reach through the lens.

He’s responsible for many memorable campaigns, delivering powerful messages for major advertisers and brands such as Pantene, ExxonMobil, International Paper, Wal-Mart, Dove, AT&T, Target, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, American Express, McDonalds, Clairol, Toyota, TJMaxx, BareEscentuals and most recently, Gold Bond.

Gold Bond "The Wilderness"            ExxonMobil "Did you Know?"